USCG Wood Frame Picture - Other Military Services Available!

I thought this might be of interest. My neighbor actually makes these! They are available for all military services. If you are interested, just send me an email [your name, address, email, and phone number] and I'll pass same along - he will contact you directly. My email address is: themerc@nicolausassociates.com

USCG 378' High Endurance Cutter Wood Framed Picture Example
My neighbor has done similar work for USMC and USAF examples. The approximate size of the frame is: 28" X 18". Again, my email address is: themerc@nicolausassociates.com. My website is: www.NicolausAssociates.com. Note: You can have a variety of ships, planes, helicopters, etc. as shown. In this example [hanging in my office], you see a USCGC FRAM 378' cutter. 


PDF Spreadsheet for the GCA Journal, from Volume 1-1 through Volume 33-4, Fall 2019, Posted & Downloadable!

The PDF Spreadsheet for the GCA Journal, from Volume 1-1 through Volume 33-4, Fall 2019, is now Posted & Downloadable! Go here to download this free PDF file: https://www.nicolausassociates.com/gca_journal.htm. Below is a sample page of what the spreadsheet looks like.
GCA Journal Spreadsheet Example
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