New Book: "Telescope M82: Diagrams & Pictures"!

"Telescope M82: Diagrams & Pictures"
This new book, written & edited by Eric A. Nicolaus, on the M82 Telescope is 90 pages long (8-1/2-inches by 14-inches in size, to accommodate the vast majority of the blueprint details) and consists of all late-style U.S. government blueprints of each individual component (and all sub-components) on the M82 Telescope. This book is honestly weighted toward those with technical savvy. The cover and back of the manual are 19mil polypropylene. The paper is 24# bright white (102+) with the book being plastic wire bound. This book can be placed on the shelf in your workshop for easy reference. The book also opens and lays flat, so you can work on your telescope and observe your manual simultaneously. The M82 Telescope was used on the M1C and M1903A4 sniper rifles in WWII and Korea. Important: The M82 Telescope used a POST reticle. The M81 Telescope used a CROSSED WIRE reticle.
"Telescope M82: Diagrams & Pictures"
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Free! GCA Journal Searchable Excel Spreadsheet Index!

Free!  GCA Journal Searchable Excel Spreadsheet Index - Volume 1-1 through Volume 28-1 (Winter 2013)

The above is an example page of what the spreadsheet looks like. Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/gca_journal.htm to download same.