GCA Journal Updated Winter 2011 Index (Volume 26 - Issue 1)

The Garand Collectors Association (GCA) puts out a marvelous quarterly color magazine entitled: "GCA Journal". Best I can tell, it's the leading magazine on any kind or type of firearm that is in continuous print - now for 26 continuous years! The GCA website is located at: http://www.thegca.org. I maintain an Index of all the articles written during the past 26 years. The Index is free to download and searchable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/gca_journal.htm. Here's a sample of what the Index looks like.

If you have any questions on how to use the Index, feel free to visit my website or email me at: themerc@nicolausassociates.com.


SA-ITM-S201 Carbines Cal. .30, M2 and M3 Ordnance Inspector Training Manual

SA-ITM-S201 Carbines Cal. .30, M2 and M3 Ordnance Inspector Training Manual - Basically, this book dissects every assembly down to the individual parts; the publication then describes the materials, heat treatment, machining tolerances, tools, gages, inspection procedures, protective finish, and acceptance procedures for the individual M2 and M3 Carbine parts. The book is 265 pages long and contains numerous pictures and diagrams of the gages, testing procedures, and parts used for the M2 and M3 Carbines. Obviously, there are only a few minor differences between the M1 and M2-M3 Carbines involving the trigger group (and M3 receiver) - so nearly all of the manual would apply to the M1 Carbine. Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/M1_Carbine.htm to see more pictures and additional descriptions of the manual.

This manual is not for the M1 Carbine novice.


U.S. Marine Corps Competitive Rifleman's Data Book (3591), NAVMC 10787 (REV 2-78) U/I: BK

U.S. Marine Corps Competitive Rifleman's Data Book (3591), NAVMC 10787 (REV 2-78) U/I: BK - approximately 300 pages of competitive rifle data sheets for your M14 competitive shooting needs. USMC Competitive Rifleman's Data book (3591) / NAVMC10787(REV2-78) consists of: Windage and angular minutes for M72, pages 1-2; Target dimension 200 / 300 yards, page 3; Windage diagram 200 / 300 yards, page 4; Target dimension 600 / 800 /1000 yards, page 5; Windage diagram 600 / 1000 yards, page 6. Then: 40 sheets (80 pages) of 200 yard slow fire; 40 sheets (80 pages) of 200 / 300 yard rapid fire; 40 sheets (80 pages) of 600 yard slow fire; 10 sheets (20 pages) of 1000 yard slow on 5V target; 15 sheets (30 pages) of 1000 yard slow on decimal target. The dimension of the 24# paper used to make the booklet is: 7-15/16 inches long X 4-5/16 inches wide. The front and back covers are 67# vellum. There is also a very thick and very tough semi-clear front and back 19-mil thick polypropylene cover to protect your rifle data for years to come. I've gone overboard on these manuals - they far exceed the clarity and quality of the originals produced by the Navy and Marine Corps.

This book is a nightmare to print! However, if you're crazy about competitive shooting, this is the "Bible" for records.


Armed Forces of the United States of America Mouse Pad

This Armed Forces of the United States mouse pad is 1/4" thick foam; 7.5" X 9.0" in size; rounded corners; bleed less print all around to the edge. Here is the web hyperlink to view and purchase the mouse pad. Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/Patriotic.htm.

Please note: ALL of the Armed Forces of the United States logos are the same size diameter on the mouse pad! Just to make sure we know who they are, the five Armed Forces are: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard!


M14 Rifle Grease Points

Many items are available for download without cost at Nicolaus Associates. Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/free_stuff.htm and have a gander! Below is an example of just one of these. "Simply "click" the image to enlarge same.