New book: "Rifle, U.S. Cal .30, M1903A3: Diagrams & Pictures First Edition"

Rifle, U.S. Cal .30, M1903A3: Diagrams & Pictures First Edition - Nearly two years in the making, this massive 8-1/2" X 14" publication is 222 pages long and contains everything from the blueprint final specifications to materials used in the manufacturing of individual components, heat treatment of the materials, and final protective finishes used. The book is divided up into the: (1) various sectional, plan, and longitudinal views, (2) stock and barrel guard assembly drawings, (3) barrel and receiver drawings, (4) magazine and trigger group drawings, (5) front sight group drawings, (6) rear sight and cut-off group drawings, (7) bolt group drawings, (8) butt plate and swivel group drawings, (9) both cotton and synthetic gun sling drawings, and (10) material, heat treatment, and protective finish drawings for the entire M1903 Series rifles. Additionally, a drawing breakdown, alphabetical index, drawing number index, and blueprint conversion numbering system table are all included. This book can be placed on the shelf in your workshop for easy reference - it's basic dimensions are 8-1/2" X 14".  The book also opens and lays flat, so you can work on your rifle and observe your manual simultaneously. IMPORTANT: This book is designed and published for those individuals looking at the technical and manufacturing aspects of the M1903A3 rifle - from individual part, to part group assembly, to material heat treatment and finish. 

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