TM 5-9342 Operation and Maintenance Instructions for Sniperscope Infrared Set No. 1 20,000 Volts (August 1951)

The Tech Manual is approximately 90 pages long. There are approximately 60 drawings and photos. The manual is divided up into the following sections: (1) Introduction; (2) Operating Instructions; (3) Organizational Maintenance Instructions; (4) Materiel Used in Conjunction with Major Items; and (5) Shipment and Limited Storage and Demolition to Prevent Enemy Use. There's allot more information about how to maintain and charge batteries, servicing the power pack, Carbine stock modifications, power supply maintenance, etc.

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22" X 34" Lewis Machine Gun Poster

This poster includes a number of pictures associated with the operation and maintenance of the firearm. Note: If you desire a specific size poster or particular type of paper (e.g., photo paper for photo framing) please contact Nicolaus Associates for an appropriate quote.

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