Carbine, Cal. .30, M1: Diagrams & Pictures, First Edition

All the blueprints that make up the late model M1 Carbine! Nearly 200 pages in length and over 2 years in the making, this rather massive publication divides up the later model M1 Carbine into eight main sub-groups.
The groups consist of all assembly, sub-assembly, and individual blueprints of the production M1 Carbine. The eight main sub-groups are: Barrel & Receiver, Operating Slide, Bolt Assembly, Trigger Housing Group, Stock & Guard Assembly, Rear Sight Assemblies (Primary & Alternate designs), and Magazine Assemblies (15 & 30 Magazines). This book is honestly weighted very heavily toward those with technical, engineering, and machining savvy. Go here: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/M1_Carbine.htm