TM 5-9342A - Repair Instructions for SNIPERSCOPE Infrared Set No. 1 (20,000 Volts) April 1952

This is one of two manuals dealing with the operator and the organizational mechanic (lower down the page you will find TM 5-9342), plus field and depot level maintenance (this manual, TM 5-9342A). This manual contains information on maintenance of the SNIPERSCOPE which is well beyond the scope of the operator and normal field level maintenance. The entire SNIPERSCOPE is broken down by assembly and part number. Troubleshooting and maintenance of the battery, power pack, light source, handle assembly, junction box, and charging rack are included in detail.

Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/M1_Carbine.htm and scroll down the page.

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