TM 5-9340 Sniperscope and Snooperscope (September 1944)

TM 5-9340 Sniperscope and Snooperscope (September 1944) - This booklet is literally the start of low-light sniper operations using the M1 Carbine series sniperscope. This 174 page front to back publication is in color and scanned / printed in 600 dpi. The manual includes: fundamentals of operation, infrared sources discussion, all component parts, principles of operation, assembly / disassembly, starting / stopping, night vision, scanning, battery discussion and parts, charging, operation under unusual weather conditions, spare parts, first through fourth echelon maintenance, troubleshooting, and a complete list of parts from the sniperscope / snooperscope and all associated equipment - the works. Click the image to get a pretty good idea of the quality of reproduction of the manual. This Tech Manual is plastic wire coil bound with sturdy polypropylene covers to protect the 28# paper. I use 28# paper so there is no bleed-through between the front and back pages as you flip through the manual. To review and purchase this manual go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/M1_Carbine.htm

I print this manual on a color printer - again, see the two page sample. If you know much about printing you'll understand why the booklet is priced higher than most of the others I sell - and I sell what I consider to be the best reproductions you can get.  

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