M1897 (M97) Winchester Repeating Arms Shotgun Poster

M1897 (M97) Winchester Repeating Arms Shotgun Poster! Now available for $12.00. Go to: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/shotguns.htm and scroll down near to the bottom of the web page.
M1897 (M97) Winchester Repeating Arms 12-Gage Shotgun
Don't forget - the main web page for Nicolaus Associates is found at: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/. The website makes available the diagrams, graphic training aids (GTAs), technical manuals, field manuals, art, posters, lithographs, blueprints, and much more which form the parts of the M1 Garand, M1C sniper's, M1D sniper's, gas trap Garand, M14 RIFLE, M14 National Match RIFLE, m21 sniper's, 1903 Springfield, 1903a1 Springfield, 1903a3 Springfield, 1903a4 sniper's, 1911 PISTOL, 1911a1 PISTOL, 45 CALIBER PISTOL, COLT 45 PISTOL, m1 carbine, m2 carbine, m3 carbine, 1917 Enfield, B.A.R. (BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE), M2 machinegun, MILITARY SHOTGUNS, M9 PISTOL, M16 RIFLE, PS MAGAZINES, FAL, and other Army and U.S. military small arms information made by Colt, Winchester, Springfield Armory, Enfield, Remington, etc.  Enjoy!

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