Latest GCA Journal Excel Spreadsheet Update!

The Garand Collectors Association has just finished distributing Volume 26, Issue 4, Fall 2012 - known as the "GCA Journal" magazine. This particular issue has great articles on the GCA Shooting Teams at Camp Perry for 2012, the M14 rifle (Part 4 article), and the Navy 7.62mm rifles at the CMP in Anniston Alabama. My link takes you to the Nicolaus Associates website: http://www.nicolausassociates.com/gca_journal.htm, to download 26 years of article indexes to sort for present and previous articles published in the GCA Journal. Looking to join the GCA? Go to: http://www.thegca.org/the-gca-journal.
One of several popular books sold on the M1 Garand at: www.NicolausAssociates.com.

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