Virus Scanner & Malicious Software Removal Tool!

This is a change of pace from my normal posts, but too many people are not running antivirus software - therefore making computer stores rich removing preventable virus infections!
The below two computer software scanners are free common sense computer software security checks everyone needs to use about once a month. Norton offers a free virus scanner and Microsoft downloads a free Malicious Software removal tool every month. The problem? You actually have to initiate running these two tools! Here's how!
VIRUS SCANNER: Free online Norton Virus Scanner (this program detects viruses your antivirus program may have missed). Go to: http://security.symantec.com/sscv6/home.asp?langid=ie&venid=sym&plfid=21&pkj=NVEOESLHFEPGEVVSDUX. Click "START" button under the Virus Detection logo.
MALICIOUS SOFTWARE REMOVAL TOOL: Free Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT): Click "START" button, then "RUN", type in "MRT" (no quotes), click "OK". Click "NEXT", then "QUICK SCAN". Review the results.
I recommend you run both of these tools once a month - no matter what type of antivirus or security suite you use.

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