How To Shoot The U.S. Army Rifle [M1 Garand]

Originally described as: "A graphic handbook on correct shooting" and published by The Infantry Journal, Inc. (now the Association of the United States Army) in 1943. This 134 page book is all about shooting, sighting in, breathing, positioning, and adjusting the M1 Garand rifle given the weather and/or climate conditions, gauging wind, zeroing the M1 Garand, etc. This book is not for the politically correct - in 1943 the United States was at war with Germany and Japan - it lays out graphically how to handle their troops in combat. Every other page in this book is a black and white picture. On the opposing side is a write-up describing how to do something with the M1 Garand - then you can actually see U.S. Army troops doing it in the picture! I meticulously reconstructed this manual from an exceptional original. 

The pictures are immaculate and exceptionally readable - actually better then the originals in the book I scanned. The original book size was approximately 5" X 7". After considering paying to print the book as a paperback (at nearly the same price as what I'm now charging), I settled in a standard letter-size book that is wire bound with a hard see through front cover. If you want to learn how to shoot the M1 Garand, this is the book.

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